Statement by the Inquiry – 4 August

The Inquiry regrets the decision announced today by the solicitors to the detainees and the NGOs not to participate in the Inquiry. 

The Inquiry’s parameters were laid down by the Prime Minister and made public on 6 July 2010.  No one has challenged in court proceedings the legality of the Inquiry. The Inquiry will go ahead.  It will examine the relevant documentation held by Government.  It will hear the key Government witnesses.  The Inquiry offers the detainees and anyone else with evidence relevant to its Terms of Reference the only opportunity for them to  give evidence to an independent Inquiry.  

The detainees and the NGOs have alleged the involvement or awareness of the UK Government and its security and intelligence services in relation to the mistreatment and rendition of detainees held by other countries. The Inquiry would welcome such evidence. We hope they will reconsider their decision.