Statement by the Inquiry – 12 January

In a joint statement, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) today announced the decision of the Crown Prosecution Service not to charge any named individuals in relation to the investigations in Operations Hinton and Iden. These Operations related to allegations about members of the Security Service and the Secret Intelligence Service.

They also stated that a joint Crown Prosecution Service and Metropolitan Police Service Panel had been set up to consider whether further specific allegations of ill-treatment made to the police in relation to other named individuals detained in similar circumstances required investigation now rather than after the Detainee Inquiry.

Following the advice of the joint advisory Crown Prosecution Service and Metropolitan Police Panel, the Metropolitan Police has decided that the allegations raised in the two specific cases concerning the alleged rendition of named individuals to Libya and the alleged ill-treatment of them in Libya are so serious that it is in the public interest for them to be investigated rather than at the conclusion of the Detainee Inquiry.    

The Detainee Inquiry Panel will now carefully consider its next steps and the Chairman of the Panel, Sir Peter Gibson, will make an announcement in due course.