This section contains key letters sent to the Inquiry or sent by the Inquiry to other parties.

Letter to The Guardian newspaper

Sir Peter Gibson wrote to The Guardian newspaper in reference to a letter from Kate Allen Director Amnesty International UK. Continue reading

The Inquiry’s Correspondence with Andrew Tyrie MP

The Inquiry’s has received correspondence from Andrew Tyrie MP the Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Extraordinary Rendition. Click on the links below to view the letters received by the Inquiry and the responses. Andrew Tyrie MP to Sir … Continue reading

Reprieve’s Letters in reference to Sir Peter Gibsons appointment

Reprieve wrote to Sir Peter Gibson in reference to his appointment as the Chairman of the Inquiry. TSol responded to these letters on behalf of the Chairman. Click on the links below to view the letters and the responses. Reprieve … Continue reading

The Prime Minister’s letter to Sir Peter Gibson

On 6 July 2010 the Prime Minister wrote to Sir Peter Gibson outlining the remit of the Inquiry, to look into whether and if so to what extent, the UK Government and its security and intelligence agencies were involved in or aware of the … Continue reading