Isn’t this report just a whitewash?

We have produced a rigorous, independent and thorough report. The fair-minded person will agree that this Inquiry has revealed more information about the workings of Government and the Security and Intelligence Agencies, on these issues than ever before.

What recommendations does the report make or what conclusions does it draw?

Our report does not find facts or reach conclusions. It is based on the scrutiny of some 20,000 documents, no witness has yet had the opportunity to explain or add to this information. But we have shone a bright light onto issues which might be investigated further by a future Inquiry or on which the Government can take action now.

Isn’t it just a waste of time if the report makes no recommendations?

This report and the library of 20,000 documents we scrutinised will be sealed and held in the custody of the Cabinet Office for the use of any future Inquiry. The library of documents, analysis and preliminary identification of potential witnesses we have carried out should save any subsequent Inquiry a great deal of time and resource.

What does the report cover?

In our work to look at whether the UK was involved in any mistreatment of detainees, we covered four separate themes: interrogation and treatment issues, rendition, training and guidance and policy and communications. This work revealed 27 separate post 9/11issues we would like to have investigated further and we believe might be followed up by a future Inquiry.

There is enough information and analysis in both our Open and Closed reports for the Government to take action now in certain areas without waiting for a future Inquiry.