Membership and expertise

Who are the members of the Inquiry Panel?

Sir Peter Gibson (Chair) and Dame Janet Paraskeva. Mr Peter Riddell was also appointed to the Panel but left to take up the post of Director of the Institute for Government December 2011. See biographies.

Who picked the Panel members?

The Prime Minister invited the Panel members to lead the Inquiry, following discussion with members of the Cabinet. The Panel members were then formally appointed by the Cabinet Secretary.

Why were they chosen?

Sir Peter is a former Court of Appeal judge, suitably qualified and experienced to lead this independent Inquiry. He and the other Panel members brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Inquiry. Further information about the Panel members can be found here.

Who is the Detainee Inquiry Secretary?

Alun Evans was the Inquiry Secretary, but after it was decided to draw the Inquiry to a close, he moved to another post and James Driver, the then Assistant Secretary to the Inquiry became Acting Secretary.

Who is Counsel to the Inquiry?

Philippa Whipple, QC was lead Counsel and Nicholas Moss Junior Counsel to the Inquiry.

Who staffs the Detainee Inquiry Secretariat?

The Inquiry was staffed by a number of civil servants from across Whitehall, seconded to the Inquiry and all independent for the purposes of the Inquiry. Since June 2012 the Secretariat has been manned by a reduced staff.

Have any members of the Secretariat previously worked in the Security and Intelligence Agencies?


How can the Inquiry claim to be independent when the Prime Minister has chosen the Panel and it is supported by civil servants?

The Panel, Counsel and the Secretariat are all independent from the Government, including its Security and Intelligence Agencies.